Mark J. Warfel, Esq.


Legal Training, Education, and Experience
  • J.D. UCLA School of Law - Ratings
  • Member, Family Law Section State Bar of California
  • Member, Real Property Section, State Bar of California
  • Senior Partner, Law Offices of Mark J. Warfel
  • Appellate Attorney - Mark has successfully represented clients needing appellate work in the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Appellate Districts, and contributed to appellate briefs in the leading move-away decision of the California Supreme Court: In re the Marriage of LaMusga (2004) 32 Cal.4th 1072.
  • Family Law Attorney - The Firm has represented over 1,000 Family Law clients from throughout California and across the nation.  The Firm has advocated for clients for child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, the joinder of third parties in complex cases, and all aspects of property division.  The issues addressed by the Firm often include the characterization of property as community, separate, or mixed assets, and regularly discovers community property interests in property that the parties themselves initially believed was entirely separate property.  The firm handles cases involving small businesses, real property, pensions, and other complex property issues, as well as the "garden variety" less complex ones.
  • Real Property Attorney - The firm's real property practice includes transactions (we represent buyers, sellers, and those wanting to jointly own property, represents borrowers and private lenders, disputes relating to title and ownership, boundary lines and easements, removal or enforcement of liens, Home Owner Association issues, commercial leases, premises liability, and residential landlord-tenant issues.

Educational and Coaching Experience

  • Former High School Teacher and Debate Coach
  • Secondary Teaching Credential from California State University at Los Angeles.
  • B.A. - History with distinction, minor in Communications, 3rd place, National Debate Tournament, University of Redlands
Our Goals
  • Zealous, insightful, and compassionate legal advocacy tailored to your specific situation.
  • The exploration of ALL options, to help you evaluate risks and avoid legal pitfalls.
  • We represent about equal numbers of men and women and see our clients as good people that love their children and family, seek fair and equitable solutions, and healing resolution whenever possible
  • We understand that when your rights, children, family, business, real property, and retirement are ALL at stake, you want honest, effective, and aggressive advocacy that takes "the big picture" into account, with the goal of preserving relationships and safeguarding your rights and property.

    Mediation and Negotiation Training and Skills

  • Mediation. Advanced training in mediation, and experience as a mediator. If you need a neutral out-of-court mediator, check our mediation website.
  • Basic Mediation training by three top mediators (Lynn Bassis, Therese White, and Gail Nugent) through the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.
  • Advanced training in Family and Divorce mediation, an intense program focused on advanced mediation techniques particularly in the area of complex family issues, by Forrest S. Mosten, adjunct professor of Mediation at the UCLA School of Law, author of The Complete Guide to Mediation: The Cutting-Edge Approach to Family Law Practice and Mediation Career Guide -- A Strategic Approach to Building a Successful Practice through the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.
  • Advanced training in mediating the litigated case by one of the most effective mediators in the region, Myer Sankary, Esq., CMCT, the only attorney and mediator trained and certified by one of the leading social scientists in the world, Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the best selling book, Influence: Science and Practice.
  • Advanced Business & Commercial mediation training by world-famous Kenneth Cloke, JD, LLM, PhD, through the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.
  • Advanced Skills Practicum by Gail Nugent, MSW, Karenjot Bhangoo, Ph.D, and Steve Cerveris, Esq. through the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Services, Inc.

    Mark Warfel's advanced training and practice as a mediator gives him insight into the negotiation process, the emotional dynamics of settlement, and the knowledge that there is a time to cooperate and negotiate, and a time to stand firm and fight for one's interests.   Mark's cross-training in family law, estate planning, real property and bankruptcy help him spot cross-over issues and to see how the interaction of various fields of law can affect your case.


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